Used 1968 Norton Motorcycles Atlas P11A Motorcycles For Sale in Connecticut,CT
The Norton motorcycle's 750cc Atlas is one of the best handling road motorcycles in the world. With all that displacement, its's also right up there among the best for performance. This same engine is used in Norton's new P-11 Scrambler, but with a different frame and suspension. As a scrambler, the P-11 is handicapped by sheer size and weight, but is an absolute blast to ride, if more horsepower than you can use is what makes you happy. Norton's 2-cylinder engine is a bit out-dated, but will give you good service if you keep one eye on the tachometer. And, in fact, it isn't necessary to twist its tail to make the bike go about as fast as anyone could wish.<br><br>This P-11 features a Molybdenum frame, a competition magneto by Lucas, and a 4-speed transmission. The whole bike, compete with hand-painted pin-striping, weighs in at just 310LBs.<br> <br>For those who appreciate rare British iron from the 1960s, it doesn't get any better than this.<br><br> SHOW AWARDS <lu><li>1999 Triumph Day Robert Sampson Memorial Cup - Best Norton.<li>2003 British Concours Award.<li>2008 British Motorcycle Show - 1ST Place Norton.<li>2011 British Motorcycle Show - 1ST Place Norton.<li>2014 British Motorcycle Show - Best of Show.<li>2014 Mass BIA British Bike Show - 1st Place Norton.<li>2014 Mass BIA British Bike Show - People's Choice Award.</lu></li>
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