Used 2017 Genze 2.0 S Motorcycles For Sale in Florida,FL
<b>GenZe Electric Motorcycle Pickup e-Scooter, MADE IN THE USA</b><br /><b>Perfect for Commuting, Leisure Cruising, Grocery Shopping, Running Errands, Urban Driving, Rentals, Motor Yachts, Marinas</b><br /><br /><b>>> The ultimate eco-friendly e-Scooter, 30 to 42-mile range, has pickup cargo bed</b><br />>> Fleet models for Rental Operators, track all units on GenZe app with GPS<br /><b>>> Businesses, we have a perfect model for your delivery needs, courier, food</b><br />>> Yachts clubs - offer GenZe e-Scooters to transient boaters and visitors.<br /><b>>> Marina Operators generate new revenue stream with rental units</b><br /><br />Test-Drive Available in South Florida by Appointment Only<br /><br /><b>>> Hi-tech GenZe e-Scooters come with 7” LED touchscreen display with</b><br /><b>GPS telematics and monitoring via our GenZe App</b><br />>> Telematics features driver-down alert, unauthorized movement alert and<br />tracking; remote diagnostic and troubleshooting<br /><b>>> Virtually zero annual maintenance, no fuel, zero emissions</b><br />>> Zero to 100% charge - 3.5 hours; Average 50% charge under 2 hours<br /><b>>> Portable battery pack with standard charging cord can be plugged in </b><br /><b>anywhere, 110v and up to 240v</b><br />>> GenZe e-Scooters Made in the USA with a 3-Year, 5,400 mile Warranty<br /><b>>> No driver’s license required, very easy to drive with 3 driving modes</b><br />>> Top Speed is governed at 30 mph, these are street-legal e-Scooters<br /><b>>> Driving range on a single charge from 30 miles up to 42 miles, depending </b><br /><b>how aggressively driven and use of regenerative braking</b><br />>> Total weight only 230 lb with Li-Ion battery, 194 lb scooter alone<br /><b>>> Rear cargo bed can carry approximately 80 to 100 lb</b><br />>> All-aluminum cast frame and stainless steel construction<br /><b>>> Shielded from the elements with IPX67 water, dust protection rating</b><br />>> We have available the complete yacht and motoryacht transport and crane<br />lift blocks, tie-downs and bluewater transport solution and installation (see videos)<br /><b>>> Easy swappable battery: charge on the scooter or bring indoors</b><br /><br />
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New 2018 Genze 2.0 Electric Scooter Motorcycles For Sale in Virginia,VA
DEMO UNIT! NOT FOR SALE<br /><br />Our original e-Scooter, the GenZe 2.0 has a front storage area, adjustable seat and open Back Bay for modularity. It connects with the GenZe app, but with some features limited.
Velvet Cloud CycleTrader Demo-8662282941
150 Granby Street,Honolulu,Hawaii

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