Used 2009 Buell 1125 CR Motorcycles For Sale in California,CA  $4,995

Additional Details

    zipCode:  92007

    class:  Motorcycle

    state:  California

    maker:  Buell

    model:  1125 CR

    styleYear:  2009

    newOrUsed:  Used

    Category:   Sportbike

    Type:   Motorcycle

    Location:   Cardiff, CA

    Mileage:   4,590

    VIN Number:   4MZYL04D693C01659

    Primary Color:   Red

    Engine Size:   1,125 cc

    Options:   Water Cooled


2009 Buell 1125CR Red 
*Lowest miles I can find on Cycle Trader
*Show floor condition minus the detailed exceptions below 
The time has come to sell my baby.
I'm gearing up to buy my first house, so I need to find a good home for my weekend cruiser. 

I purchased this beautiful 1125CR in 2014 from the original owner in Temecula who took stellar care of it, and apparently, based on miles, liked to look at it in his garage mostly, kind of like me. My Buell has remained fully upright it’s entire life, with the exception of the day it slipped on the rear stand (included) and teetered over, going 0 MPH, of course. The most straightforward way of conveying to you this motorcycle’s condition is to list all of the very small ways it is not original and brand spanking new, which are as follows: 

  • There are a couple very small scrape marks on the right swing arm where it slipped on the rear stand (pictured).
  • An almost undetectable amount of rash on the left fairing black portion (pictured), also the result of…lets call it the 2016 Rear Stand Incident.
  • A nearly undetectable shallow scuff on the clutch lever (pictured) from, you guessed it, the same incident.
  • I noticed a 2mm x 10mm patch on the muffler that looks like a tiny bit of corrosion, other than that, this bike is 100% corrosion free.The bike has rear stand mounts installed (small pegs near hub on swing arm for rear stand).
  • The previous fellow installed a tastefully done license plate holder that is slightly lower-profile than the original.
  • It has been enjoyed for 4590 miles
  • It has been enjoyed by only myself and one previous owner. Nice guy.
  • It has been stored in a garage its entire life…and a well-kept garage to boot.
  • FRESH TIRES!!! Late 2016, I had fresh meats installed by North County Motorsports. After doing much research, I spared no expense and installed the industry leaders for road sport tires-Pilot Power 3 front ($121.99) and rear ($155.99). I have since barely broken them in (<80 mi) and they still have  the factory rubber hairs.
  • I had a full Buell certified service done at 3500mi.
  • NEW STATOR!! Stator unit was upgraded to the improved Certified Buell Original part by a certified Buell tech at San Diego HD. The original stator is very prone to burning out (that’s a $1000 fix).I WOULD NOT recommend buying any Buell 1125CR that does not have the replacement stator.
  • It has a new battery which was installed in 2015. This battery spends its days on the tender any time its not cruising around town.
  • This 1125CR is registered in California until Feb 2018
It has been babied it’s entire life and I hope to find a buyer who will continue that. Throw questions at me. Stop by for a test drive.  Cheers!

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