Used 2006 Honda CBR 600RR Motorcycles For Sale in Florida,FL  $4,500

Additional Details

    zipCode:  32563

    class:  Motorcycle

    state:  Florida

    maker:  Honda

    model:  CBR 600RR

    styleYear:  2006

    newOrUsed:  Used

    Category:   Sportbike

    Type:   Motorcycle

    Location:   GULF BREEZE, FL

    Mileage:   10,809

    Primary Color:   Orange

    Secondary Color:   Black

    Engine Size:   600 cc


2006 CBR 600RR Information
PRICE:  $4500.00
Sales Tax: $292.50*
*Buyer pays sales tax.
Mileage: 1,0809 (Average Expected Mileage for a 2007: 23,500)
Kelly Blue Book suggested Retail Value: $4,490.00
  This Motorcycle was purchased brand new. It has been entirely garage kept. I have most of the maintenance records for the bike. It has only been laid down once since owning it. It was during a slow speed safety course, when I low sided. I had the Frame Sliders installed prior to that, which prevented any significant damage (you can see the damage in the pictures).I recently had the front brakes changed, the oil changed, and just replaced the battery. There is nothing wrong with the motorcycle. I do not “need” to sell it, but it has been sitting in my garage for a year, and I rarely get to ride it. My new job offers even fewer opportunities for me to enjoy it. I am a fair-weather rider, which means, this bike has not been subjected to any harsh conditions. 
  The bike has a tinted wind screen, has Battery Tender Terminal Cable attached under the seat for easy charging, and I have routed a Cigarette Lighter charger that can be attached to the charging cable while riding to allow USB charging of your phone when used with the tank bag (see pictures). 
The sale will come with the following added items:
-Rear Cowling-Extra Rear Seat, modified with Coffee Cup Holder
-Clear Wind Screen-Tank Bag
-Fork Stem Mountable Phone Holder with USB Charging Cable
-Size Large Racing Gloves
-Battery Tender with extension cable, and extra battery terminal connectors, and bag.
-Replacement Brake Pads (1 full set)
-Honda Service Manual
-Chain Cleaner Brush
-Chain Cleaner & Lube
-Clutch Cable Lubricator Attachment
-Clutch Cable Lubrication Spray
-3 New Bottles Brake Fluid
-3 new Bottles Engine Oil
-New Oil Filter
-Replacement Screws, & Fittings.
-Replacement Cupholder
-Manual Brake Bleeder
-Safety Riding Vest
-CIA Rear Wheel Bike Stand
-Hitch Mounted Motorcycle Hauler, “Joe Hauler” Brand

Joe Hauler Information:
Model: #JH05
Delux Cam-Loc Heavy Duty
-Designed for heavier, more valuable motorcycles.
-Larger diameter cross brace tubing.
-Wider rear tire width for bikes with up to 10" wide rear tires.
-Wider hold down bars for more stability and four tie down
-Cam-Loc eliminates hitch slop.
-Fits any Class III 2" receiver type hitch.
-Holds street and dirt bikes up to 600 lbs.
-Has position for mounting ramp, 7' ramp is included.
-Lights and mounts are available upon request.
-Powder coated black.
-3 year warranty.
-Weighs 80 lbs plus ramp.
-All welded construction requires truck freight.

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