New 2016 Yamaha FZ09 Motorcycles For Sale in New Jersey,NJ  $7,999

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    zipCode:  8822

    class:  Motorcycle

    state:  New Jersey

    maker:  Yamaha

    model:  FZ09

    styleYear:  2016

    newOrUsed:  New

    Category:   Sportbike

    Type:   Motorcycle

    Location:   Flemington, NJ

    Engine Size:   0 cc


2016 Yamaha FZ09, TOP FEATURES
  • Powerful Inline-Triple
    847cc liquid-cooled, in-line 3-cylinder, DOHC, 12-valve engine with fuel injection. This FZ-09⠢ engine combines advanced high tech components including YCC-T® and Yamaha D-Mode, with a crossplane concept crankshaft to deliver an exciting, torquey and quick-revving engine character.

  • Crossplane Concept
    â Crossplane Crankshaft Concept⠝ provides linear torque development in response to the riderâ s throttle input. The FZ-09â s in-line 3-cylinder engine provides linear torque development, even firing intervals for smooth torque characteristics and a good feeling of power in the low- to mid-rpm range. The CP3® engine is also light, slim and compact and offers performance that combines the best characteristics of both 2-cylinder and 4-cylinder engines.
  • Advanced YCC-T
    The ride-by-wire Yamaha Chip Controlled Throttle (YCC-T) system senses the slightest throttle input by the rider, relays the data to the ECU, which instantaneously calculates the ideal throttle valve opening based on engine rpm and throttle opening, and then sends commands to a servo-motor actuator that moves the throttle valve which actively controls the intake airflow volume. This is a technology contributing to the riderâ s feeling of torque and controllability from the 3-cylinder engine.
  • Selectable D-MODE
    The FZ-09 is equipped with Yamahaâ s D-MODE (â Drive Mode⠝) variable throttle control system to allow the rider to choose the optimum engine character for their riding situation. The rider can choose from three throttle valve control maps (Standard Mode, â A⠝ Mode, and â B⠝ Mode) for different performance characteristics at the push of a button. STD Mode is set to accommodate a wide range of riding conditions, for a linear torque feeling from low speeds all the way up to high speeds. A-Mode gives the rider a sharper throttle response in the low-to mid-rpm range than the STD Mode, while B-Mode lets the rider enjoy milder throttle response.
  • Advanced 3-Cylinder Engine
    847cc liquid-cooled 4-stroke, in-line 3-cylinder, DOHC, 4-valve engine with downdraft intake and fuel injection. With a 78mm x 59.1mm bore x stroke and 11.5:1 compression ratio, it produces an exciting, torquey and quick-revving engine character.
  • Crossplane Concept CP3® Engine
    Some of the advantages of the 3-cylinder engine in the FZ-09 include linear torque development due to the even firing intervals that provide smooth torque characteristics and a good feeling of power up into the low- to mid-rpm range, as well as combining desirable characteristics of both 2-cylinder and 4-cylinder engines. In addition, the engine design can be light, slim and compact.
  • Vibration-Reducing Counterbalancer
    To reduce vibration and help give a smoother ride, the engine has a primary coupled-fo

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