New 2015 Husqvarna TE 125 Motorcycles For Sale in Missouri,MO  $5,346

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    zipCode:  63123

    class:  Motorcycle

    state:  Missouri

    maker:  Husqvarna

    model:  TE 125

    styleYear:  2015

    newOrUsed:  New

    Category:   Dirt Bike

    Type:   Motorcycle

    Location:   St Louis, MO

    Mileage:   1

    Stock Number:   h1505

    Primary Color:   Yellow


2015 Husqvarna TE 125, $500 Rebate!

2-Stroke Power
Engine: The TE 125 s high performance 125cc 2-stroke engine features a sophisticated power valve that optimises power delivery across the entire rev range. Boyesen reeds guarantee excellent response, durability and intake flow rates. For MY15 a smoother power delivery has been achieved thanks to a revised carburettor setting.
Cylinder: The high performance cylinder and power valve are designed to deliver strong bottom-end torque and high peak power at maximum throttle opening. The Vertex piston s material and piston rings have been designed for power and reliability.
Clutch: Excellent clutch modulation, low maintenance and consistent behaviour are guaranteed by the hydraulic Magura clutch. The clutch lever reduces the risk of breakage by rotating almost 90° in the event of a crash.
Transmission: The ratios of the lightweight 6-speed gearbox have been optimised for Enduro use. The precise shifting action allows riders to accurately maintain the TE 125 in the ideal power range of the engine.
Finest Components
Frame: The strong and light chromoly frame is an exceptional partner for the small 2-stroke engine, and works in perfect harmony with the other jewels in the Husqvarna chassis. Although the overall frame design is the same on all the Enduro models, each model has slight variations in geometry and stiffness in key areas in order to tailor the behaviour of the bike to the varying engine characteristics and outputs. The engineers designed the frame with precise longitudinal flex that helps absorb impacts from the rear wheel, working together with the suspension and giving the rider greater feedback. The torsional rigidity has been calibrated to maximise sharp handling, and thus magnifying the intrinsic characteristics of two-stroke motorcycles.
Subframe: The lightweight, three-piece polyamide rear subframe has been reinforced with an additional screw on the airbox side that improves the fitment between the left subframe arm and the airbox. The improved seal guarantees better performance and durability. The polyamide subframe is more flexible than a traditional aluminium rear subframe. Combined with the longitudinal flex of the frame and the rear linkage system, this gives riders a more comfortable and confidence-inspiring feeling on the bike, allowing them to push the limits in every condition and on any terrain. The inherent characteristics of the composite subframe allow the engineers to have unlimited opportunities of integrating features such as the airbox, electronics and rear grab handle.
Swingarm: Putting 2-stroke power to the ground can be tricky in certain conditions, so the engineers developed a single-piece cast swingarm that optmises traction even on the most difficult Enduro terrain. The flex characteristics feed precise information to the rider, instilling confidence and improving overall performance. Strong but light, the beautifully styled alumi

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