New 2015 Honda CRF 250X Motorcycles For Sale in Missouri,MO  $6,826

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    zipCode:  63123

    class:  Motorcycle

    state:  Missouri

    maker:  Honda

    model:  CRF 250X

    styleYear:  2015

    newOrUsed:  New

    Category:   Dirt Bike

    Type:   Motorcycle

    Location:   St Louis, MO

    Stock Number:   m14136

    Primary Color:   Red


2015 Honda CRF 250X, Your Perfect Trail Bike Has Arrived.

Skilled off-roaders seek a bike that offers an ideal balance of power and size, performance and handling. That s why we built the CRF250X.

Based on our popular and podium-friendly MX racer, the CRF250X is powered by a four-stroke Unicam® engine modified for optimum off-road riding. We ve also specially-tuned the suspension for the trails, and given the rugged transmission wide-ratio gearing to handle whatever conditions you come across.

Then there s the electric starter that puts you on the fast track with the push of a button.

So take a look at the CRF250X. We think you ll like what you see.

Track Proven: With its Unicam® cylinder head, this liquid-cooled four-stroke puts out loads of power over a wide rpm band for maximum trail performance.

Easy Starts: Our push-button electric starter offers all-around convenience, whether you re starting out on your ride or quickly restarting in tough conditions.

Compact, Lightweight 249cc Unicam® Engine
Gear-Driven Counterbalancer: Gear-Driven Counterbalancer reduces vibration and drives the water pump. Eight clutch plates provide the surface area necessary to handle the engine's massive torque, while carefully matched clutch springs provide a light feel at the lever.
Twin-Sump Lubrication: Twin-sump lubrication system separates the oil supply for the crankshaft, piston and valve train from the clutch and transmission. This ensures a cool supply of oil to the clutch, eliminates clutch and transmission material contamination of the engine oil, reduces the amount of circulating oil and permits the use of a smaller oil pump.
Dual Radiators: Dual radiators feature a refined core area for improved heat dissipation compared with conventional dual-radiator designs. Coolant recovery tank is located in front of the engine between the frame downtubes for improved center of gravity. Coolant tank is protected by a plastic skidplate.
Electric Starter: Electric start system ensures trouble-free starting in all conditions. Electric starter also drives the clutch side of the crankshaft to provide superior lubrication to starter gears while producing a narrow engine with a short, strong crank.
Removable Subframe: Removable rear subframe allows easier access to the engine and shock and simplifies maintenance.
Works-Style Front Brakes: Compact twin-piston front brake caliper, anodized-aluminum brake pistons and lightweight new 240mm new front disc increase stopping power while minimizing unsprung weight for improved turning and handling.
Works-Style Rear Brakes: HRC works-type rear brake system adds a new 240mm brake rotor to its integrated rear master-cylinder and fluid reservoir, a set-up that eliminates the separate reservoir and hose.
18-Inch Rear Wheel: 18-inch rear

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